San Diego Organizing Project

Social Justice

The Downtown Community

San Diego Organizing Project

In association with the San Diego Organizing Project (S.D.O.P.), a faith- based community organization of eighteen congregations representing 40,000 families, First Lutheran's Local Organizing Committee addresses issues of local social concern.

In 2002, the group worked on finding solutions to the increasing lack of affordable housing for low- and middle-income residents downtown and across San Diego. Members of the group conducted research meetings with government, business, and non-profit housing experts; participated in a city-wide action in support of S.D.O.P.'s Housing Call to Action Covenant; and appeared before the City Council to support legislation for affordable housing proposals.

The group also took action on issues involving access to healthcare and sponsored Meet the Candidate Forums for the San Diego City Council District 2 primary and run-off elections.

For more information, contact the church office (619-234-6149).